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Bookmarked: What I Wore 06.18.12

Hey loves. Anyone else out there as tired as I am??? Mondays...
You may have noticed that this post is called Bookmarks. While most of my style inspiration comes from the "innanets", I often find myself pulling ideas from books as well. I thought it would be a great idea to share some of the looks I try out.
Web pages, book pages, I don't discriminate when I swagga jack!
I picked up blogger Jessica Quirk's book, What I Wore, over the weekend. There's a ton of great info in there! And as I contemplated whether or not I'd put on real clothes today (#virtualemployeeproblems), I recalled one picture from W.I.W. that featured Jessica sporting a super cute gingham dress. While I don't own a super cute gingham dress (Note to self: buy super cute gingham dress), it did remind me that I have a blue and white shirtdress that I haven't worn in forever. That's the thing with *Right-Click Saves* or bookmarks--your interpretation doesn't have to be literal. You can just be reminded of something and inspired to rock it on your own way with what you've got.
My little shirtdress is just that...little! THAT'S why I hadn't worn it in years :-/
I threw on a pair of shorts and flat sandals to bring the scandalous factor down a few notches, and created my casual-work-from-home-while-suffering-from-a-case-of-the-Mondays outfit.
The Book

Right-Click Saved from:
The Bookmark

Right-Click Saved from:
Okay, this isn't the exact photo from the book, but it is the same outfit Jessica wore. Taking pictures of book pages is like pimpin' ain't easy.

The Right-Click Save

I think this marks the first time I've worn flats on here.

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Let the countdown to the weekend begin!

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