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Clickin' Ain't Easy...

Loves, has it really been a week since I last posted???? Shame on me! These past 7 days have been super busy. Work has been hectic, my boyfriend and I had an event for our company, and the 9 to 5 has sent me to Philadelphia for the next 5 days for a conference. I'm munching on one of Philly's famous soft pretzels right now, which is making the Carb Monster that dwells within me very happy.

With my super-busy schedule, I've barely had time to right-click save . That has made the Fashionista that dwells within me very unhappy. While I have free time today, I'm updating this blog and clicking away (hey, that rhymed ha ha *dork*)!

A few days ago, I did manage to sneak in a lil web-surfing and came across this blog: B. Jones Style . I spied with my little eye this beautiful bold blue blazer (...and all of those words start with the letter "b". I'm amused by the simplest things sometimes).

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I managed to score a vintage blazer in a similar hue on the 'bay after seeing this pic. Why oh why aren't all my searches that easy?? I have so many right-click saves to create, and even since starting this blog finding just the right pieces hasn't been simple. It just grinds my gears I've spent hours upon hours scouring the internet, malls, and boutiques for just the right items. But I have to remind I said in my post on the Barbie pink Claudias, if I love the outfit enough the search is worth it--no matter how long it may take.
Just to update you: so far, I've snagged the shorts and cami for the LC look and an orange silk DVF top for my color-block 'fit. By the time I make it back home, those pieces (including the blazer) should have been delivered. That means I'll be one step closer to posting my own pics *happy dance*
I'm going to try and squeeze some shopping time into this trip. Let's hope Philly has more to offer than fattening yet delicious food.
Take care, loves. And keep on clickin'...even if it ain't easy.

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