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From the Right-Click Save Archives: I'm a Barbie Girl!

Good morning, loves! Is anyone else happy it's the weekend?! I've decided to look back at one of my favorite right-click saves on this lazy Saturday morning.

Two things you'll notice me mentioning a lot on this blog: Christian Louboutin shoes and The Purse Forum . I adore Msr. Louboutin's effervescent personality as much as I love his designs. And tPF...I can't adequately put into words how awesome this site is. The amount of knowledge on this site is priceless, but you don't have to pay a cent to join. Do your closet a favor and join, or at least get your lurk on every now and then.

Today's story is a blend of CL + tPF to create a right-click save of holy grail (HG) proportions. I'm currently a regular poster in the CL subforum of tPF, and when I first found that subforum I made it my mission to read as much as possible about these incredible works of art. One day I stumbled upon this thread (if you love shoe porn, please check it out start-to-finish one day...and smoke a cigarette afterwards-it's that hawt) and my life was changed! It was started by a poster named belairprincess, who was sharing her CL collection. And it was in that thread that I saw THE SHOE... her avatar picture...

Photo Credit: belairprincess at
...and as she told us all about her magnificent "Santa".

Photo Credit: belairprincess at
They were the Christian Louboutin's "gift" to Barbie on her 50th birthday, from a series of styles the shoe designer made in this special Barbie pink. This style is called "Claudia". They were also completely sold out a year before I discovered them. Although I doubted that I'd ever get a pair of my own, I right-click saved the pic and placed it in my Style File.
One year later, I found them on eBay (another thing you'll find me mentioning a lot on here!) and scored them for way below retail. It was pure fashion euphoria when I finally had them in my possession. I took these pics the day I got them.

This is definitely one pair I'll NEVER sell. They're my first pair of HG's, and they're too friggin' gorgeous to let go!

Sometimes it takes patience and perseverance to recreate your right-click saves . Finding all the ingredients that make up your recipe for fabulosity may prove to be difficult. But if it truly means a lot to you, keep looking! The sweet taste of success will make it all worthwhile.

Have a great weekend, loves!

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