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Betcha Can't Click Just One...

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Who are they?
Where are they going? Or where are they coming from?
Why do they ALL look amazing?
Would they let me into their circle? How can I be down?
I especially love the mustard skirt...yes, darling. YES! Who am I kidding. I love it ALLLLL.

Hope you're all doing well, loves. I am working for the weekend. Friday can't get here quickly enough!

Anyways, be on the lookout for some exciting changes to *Right-Click Save*--starting with...the new web address! Thanks to my boyfriend, who knows what sets my techie heart aflutter. He gifted me with this domain name, and now I'm feeling *this* much closer to being official haha. This is now!

I'll be rolling out the other new features, and I can't wait to get your feedback on everything. If you're not feeling what I'm doing, it'll be like I'm talking to myself (and I do that often enough offline). So keep checking back as I continue to establish my little blog!
Have a great day, loves :o)  

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