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Copy & Paste: Color-Blocking, Part Deux

Hey loves...not sure if any of you watch VH1's new show, "Single Ladies" . I have to admit I tune in to see what Val (played by the gorgeous Stacey Dash) will be wearing each episode. The last time I've felt this way about a character's wardrobe was when "Sex and the City" was still airing every Sunday.

If I could right-click save OnDemand, I'd try my best to recreate each and every one of Val's outfits. Stacey's stylist, Anthony L. Williams, is doing to "Single Ladies" what Patricia Field did to "SATC"--making the character's attire just as (and sometimes more) important to the viewer as the story-lines of the show. With Stacey as his oh-so-amazing canvas, Anthony paints a portrait of perfection with every piece he chooses.

My canvas isn't nearly as fab as Miss Dash's, but I couldn't help but to put my own spin on one of Val's looks that has fashionistas everywhere wanting to rock that pink and that green ( I've always know that pink & green look great together *wink* ).

Here's a screen shot of Val rocking the Right-Click Save ...

Right-Click Saved from:

And here's Anthony showing off the pieces of this ensemble...

Right-Click Saved from:

Let me tell you, wasn't a good day for my "photo shoot". Why? A family of mosquitos decided to make ME their Sunday dinner. Those suckers were feasting on me, and I had no time to take any decent shots. Seriously, I was wincing in pain in just about every pic!
Here's a lil somethin' anyway...

Wanna Right-Click Save ? Vintage silk blouse ASOS double split pencil skirt Thrifted bangles Jessica Simpson Shoes
You all will have to excuse me. After looking at pictures of Stacey, then looking at pictures of myself, I need to clear my kitchen of anything remotely fattening and spend a few hours in the nearest 24-hour gym.
Until next time!

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