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DIYing To Try...Salute Your Shorts

Hey loves, today I'm rolling out a new blog feature called DIYing To Try...
I come across a lot of DIY projects online that are worthy of a lil right-click save action, and I want to share my attempts at recreating them with you all. Notice I said ATTEMPTS. I can't guarantee the finished product will look anything like the original DIY, but I can guarantee you a few laughs at my expense while I try!
Arts and crafts can be so much fun. Doing things like painting and coloring can take me back to my childhood. Unfortunately, my first project looks like an 8 year old did it. Totally not trying to throw shade at the 3rd graders out there. I'm sure they'd do a better job at this than I did.
I came across these DIY American flag shorts on the Free People blog and thought it'd be a cute way to celebrate Independence Day. I'd planned on working on the shorts on Sunday night, but got sucked into the ratchety goodness of the BET Awards show. Fast forward to about 11:00 PM last night and I realized I hadn't even begun to work on my shorts for my 4th of July post.
TIP: Do not attempt to do any DIY projects late at night.
I was way too tired to give these shorts the attention they deserved. I've disgraced my country, I'm sure! Hope I don't get deported for this...


Right-Click Saved from:  

O say can you see where I totally screwed up?

These broad stripes and bright stars clearly didn't make it through the perilous fight...

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Have a safe and happy 4th of July, loves!

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