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First Batch of Potatoes + Fun Recipe = Mmmmm

Beautiful Rosie Pink potatoes...

...for dinner tonight! :)

I feel so lucky that we can walk out our back door, stick our hands and arm in the dirt and pull out a fresh potato!

Also from our garden; minced elephant garlic and fresh rosemary.

Tater Skewers

*Collect some straight, strong sprigs of Rosemary; wash and pat dry. Hold the stem right side up and pull the bottom third of the sprigs down and off of the stem. (Finely chop the leaves and set aside, discard any woody bits)

* Start a large kettle filled with cold water, bring to boil and add a bit of sea salt

*As water is working up to a boil; cut potatoes in half lengthwise (or width) and parboil for about 4 to 6 minutes (depending obviously on the size of the potatoes)

* When done, remove potatoes and let them cool for a few (Reserve starchy water for making stock...recipe coming soon!)

* Use a metal skewer to push through the potato either length wise or width wise, follow by pushing Rosemary stem/skewer in place of the skewer hole.

* Finely chop garlic, rosemary, thyme, mint...or any combination of herbs from your garden
Generously drizzle Olive Oil over the potatoes and sprinkle chopped garlic with herbs all over the top of the oiled potatoes

* Sprinkle generously with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper

* Take a long piece of foil and fold it three times to make a shield; place this on the front of the grill flat; this will act as a shield, so as your Rosemary stems don't go up in flame :)

* Grill on one side for approx 5 to 8 minutes and turn for the other side. Keep checking them with a grill fork to see if they are soft all the way through and nicely grilled.

Enjoy all the flavors with your family!


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