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I wanna go NUDE!

Good afternoon, loves. Confession: I've got the nudey blues *le sigh*

I've been obsessed with finding the perfect pair of nude shoes for months now. It's like finding the perfect foundation, and I'm sure we all know how long THAT can take.

But I guess I'm also making things even more difficult for myself because I've got so many requirements: it has to be patent, it has to have a platform, and it has to have at least a 4-inch heel (to make my gams look amaze, of course).

The perfect pair of nude shoes will make your legs look like they go on and on, blending seamlessly with your skin. And they would provide a great alternative to black as a neutral. I want that, need that, gotta have that!!

There are two shoes that make regular appearances in my dreams (hey there...don't act like you don't fantasize about shoes, too!). The first is Prada's nude platform pumps, as seen here on Rhianna.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

This is so not funny, but I just shed a single tear as I pulled up these photos from my Style File.

The other shoe is from my BFF-in-my-head, Christian Louboutin. It is the classic, yet sexy, Very Prive in camel patent.

fmd914 at

At this point, I'd take just about anything by Christian Louboutin in camel patent--seriously.

This is an old photo, but right now I only have these Jimmy Choo's to sustain me until I find the shoes I've fantasized about for so long.

Wouldn't I look HAWT in those Prada's or CL's?? I know I would haha

Maybe one day...

Take care, loves!

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