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Copy and Paste: I Can See Your (Dirty Hair) Halo

I don't know what it is, but lately I've been experiencing this constant feeling of tiredness. Today has been no exception. Granted, I was awake until like 3:30 this morning *SMH*

I think I need some Flintstone vitamins or sumthin'...

My boyfriend and I have our weekly ritual of going to one of our favorite sushi spots for lunch every Saturday. There's this place that serves a sushi buffet on the weekends, yummo. I love that the staff already knows what we want, even down to what we'll be drinking.

This afternoon, my boyfriend called and said, "Can you be ready NOW?". Of course, I was still in my jammies. I remembered this feature on fellow Fashionable Atlanta blogger Corie's blog that highlighted another fashion blogger named Slicari. Slicari's blog, Dirty Hair Halo, immediately captured my attention when I first read it. The girl's style is SICK. We both have similar cold shoulder denim button-down shirts, so I decided to use my first *Right-Click Save* from her blog (I've added tons of pics to my Style File from there) as the inspiration for my very quick outfit change for my lunch outing with the boo.

The Right-Click Save

The Copy and Paste

I'm not too pleased with these pics. I look as tired as I feel and the sun decided to go away so the weather matches my gray and gloomy mood.

I'm gonna stop whining and take a nap as soon as post this...and get those Flintstone vitamins. Oooh, or maybe the ones that are in gummy bear form instead. I'm feeling better already just thinking about it.

Wanna Right-Click Save? Urban Renewal shirt (via Urban Outfitters) Random leggings I've had forever Random scarf I've had forever Louis Vuitton bag Vintage/H&M/Forever 21 arm party Gianni Bini peep-toe booties

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Copy and Paste: I Can See Your (Dirty Hair) Halo + vintage